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Meet Jes & Joe

Every Creative needs a Ying to their Yang in order to create a profession out of the multi-faceted elements one has to offer. It’s an intricate balance when it comes to monetizing on and logistically performing artistic services.

After many years, Joe Wickes has somehow crawled within the inner workings of the creative services Jes has to offer, and has harmoniously guided the team into understanding the “grown up” parts of  offering these elements on a very consistent high level to selective groups of clients from many backgrounds such as; corporate leaders, exclusive social gatherings, high-visibility fashion shows and other types of performances and all other luxury aesthetic needs.

Though we started out as an event production firm with a specialty in master floral design and tech production, food and service, event management and overall environmental design, we have grown into offering many more services than we could have ever imagined! On the next pages, we will list out for you what our true capabilities are including but not limited to, being very kind and communicative people. We have attracted a talent bank from all over the globe mainly due to our fairness and the ability to curating the best teams who succeed in creating the most magnificent outcomes.

We tend to think of ourselves as people that prefer to set the trends rather than follow them. We also believe that any event or experience should not only evoke a visual response but more  importantly, an emotional one.

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