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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

How Well Does Your Significant Other Know You?
Shine bright like a diamond! Ready to show off that rock? So what exactly does your engagement ring say about you? After all, the engagement ring says more about the recipient than the giver. So let’s see what your ring says about your personality and how well your significant other knows you!
Princess | The Royal One

The timeless princess cut is for the regal. There's no need for an introduction when you walk into the room because all eyes are on you. You have an ere to you that demands attention, respect, and authority.

Oval | A True Leader

You're not someone who goes along with the crowd. You're unique, and you like it that way. You're always a few steps ahead, and most people would describe you as downright brilliant. You're a true problem solver because you're always thinking in terms of advancement.

Pear | Sassy and Elegant

You're the type of person who can curse someone out without using profanity. You can get the point across in such a classy and elegant way. But at the same time, folks know you aren't one to be played with!

Round | Prim and Proper

You make sure all of your "t's" are crossed, and your "i's" are dotted. If we were to walk in your closet, we'd probably find your clothes color-coordinated. You were most likely class president in school and called names like "teacher's pet." But that's only because people were jealous of your incredible ability to rise to the occasion!

Marquise | Drama Lover

You love, love, love the drama. People know you and love you for your out-of-this-world, over-the-top personality. "Subtle" just isn't a word in your vocabulary. You lead such an entertaining life, you've probably considered starting your own reality TV show.

Emerald | From Another Era

You are beyond this era, which makes you so intriguing. You've always been drawn to movies, clothes, and music of an era well before your time. You most likely have Frank Sinatra on replay, and the vibe in "The Great Gatsby" may really resonate with your spirit.

Cushion | Divine One

Aphrodite? Eros? Is that you? You are a true divine being with such grace and power. Chances are you had many secret and not-so-secret admirers throughout life. Look in the mirror! Can you blame them? You ooze irresistible charm.

Asscher | The Family Lover

You have your grandma's famous peach cobbler recipe locked and ready. You're a lover of all things traditional. You love quality time with family, including the good, old-fashioned Sunday dinners. Many prefer new and flashy; however, you are thrilled with your engagement ring being a family heirloom.

Heart | The Stage Welcomes 

You absolutely love the spotlight. And you are always ready to put on a show at the drop of the dime. Your family and friends probably know you for your amazing talents - like acting, singing, or comedy. You probably have a song already prepared for your wedding.

Radiant | V.I.P.

The only word to describe you is posh! Folks can find you at the trendiest rooftop restaurants, traveling around the world, attending some of the chicest VIP events around. You live on the red carpet.

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